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Are you planning of travelling to Las Vegas real soon? Then you should check out the concert scene and see who amongst the best of the music industry who are performing concerts during your Las Vegas trip. Here are some of the most watched artists and their concert schedule.

The Infamous Britney Spears

The axis planet hollywood jennifer lopez are selling millions from actual and online ticket sales. Although there are mixed reviews about Britney Spear’s concert people are still clamoring to see her perform her classic songs. Britney Spears concert is available from May 3 to 20 schedules.

The Ultimate Old School Package of New Kids on the Block, Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men

If you want to get a whole lot more from your concert money then this is the must go concert you need to experience. You get to catch a boy band fever and the beat of the 80s from the concert of these trio. For sure, you will dance to NKOTB and Paula Abdul classics and swoon over the smooth voices of Boyz II Men. Check them out, they perform on May 28.

The Sexy Goddess Jennifer Lopez

If young men cannot say no to the sultry Jennifer Lopez fans all over the world are hard to say no to her concerts as well. If you want to sexy on live performance with some upbeat moves in the stage then Jennifer Lopez’s concert is your music scene. Online ticket sales similar with the britney spears planet hollywood tickets are selling like hot potato. Visit Las Vegas on these May 24 to 31 dates and see Jennifer Lopez live.

The Ultimate Diva Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is not only the ultimate diva but one of the iconic singers of her generation. Online ticket sales where you can also get britney spears planet hollywood tickets are offering Maria Carey tickets for the following concert dates, May 2 to 13.